“Ceglana” is a new place on Szczecin’s dining scene. It is housed in the mysterious forts of the Northern Battery which forms part of the city’s mid-19th-century fortification system. The history of the place dates back to 1848. Today, it is one of the few well-preserved relics of the times when Szczecin was a powerful fortress.

With its ample and interesting interior space, “Ceglana” perfectly fits into the notion of a pub, bistro and a café. Thanks to the unique layout of the place, everyone can find here a cosy nook for themselves. It took us many months to restore the interior to its present condition, but we achieved the effect we had been dreaming about.
When it is sunny outside, we open our outdoor gardens whose uniqueness is the object of envy of many establishments. We are confident that even the most demanding customers will feel special at “Ceglana”.

There is something for everyone at “Ceglana”. Beside the interesting interior decor, we also boast a wide variety of alcohols, our own original menu, and carefully selected music which is an integral element of every evening at “Ceglana”. From time to time, we enrich our music collection with live music performed by invited artists, whose sounds wonderfully reverberate through the interiors of the fort.

In a few words, “Ceglana” is a friendly and atmospheric place worth returning to :)